Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Mister Saad! If you continue to explore our website, it means you are complying with the terms and conditions of use set by the governing bodies of our website. If you don’t agree with any section of our terms and conditions, you are instructed not to use our website.

General Terms and Conditions Of Use:

The use of our website is based on the following terms of use:


The material published on the website including; text, visual images, videos, and other contents are for general information and use only. 


Mistersaad.com can’t be responsible for any information contained within the client’s mobile app. Such sort of content reserves the copyright and intellectual property of the client. However, Mister Saad keeps the right to display graphics and other app design elements as samples of his work in his portfolio.


It is clearly stated that Mistersaad.com will reserve the copyright of any material provided, including design, artwork, and the source code, developed for the client by me. Once the client makes the final payment to me, copyright might be transferred to the client if we initially agreed. 


The parties (the client and Mister Saad) decide that they will keep all sorts of personal information shared with each other, and it will be used to carry out their particular responsibilities mentioned in the contract. 

Subject to the above clause, the parties may only reveal any confidential information where revelation is needed by law or any legal order, notice, or regulation of any governing authority. 

Mister Saad is loyal to protect your privacy and take responsibilities regarding the security of personal information of the clients very seriously. 


Mister Saad will make a contractual agreement between the client and Mistersaad after the client’s approval for work to initiate. The approval of the work can be either in the form of an email approving the quote (attached quote doc) or the quote document signed by the client. 


All material provided by the client will remain the client’s property. It will be supposed that this material is related to the client, and it does not violate any copyright laws. 

App Submission:

Mister Saad provides the app submissions services if required. App approval and submission made by Mister Saad on the customer’s behalf are the property of Mister Saad until the client has paid for the mobile app approval and professional fees involved and initially agreed upon. 

App Submission Charges:

All third-part costs involving the app approval and submission will be afforded by the client and are payable to Mister Saad before an official application of app submission is made. This is counted in the standard invoice made after the approval of the work to start. 

Support And Maintenance:

I carry out full responsibility for developing/maintaining/updating the client’s mobile application as part of the app design and development commission. Because of this, Mistersaad.com will offer the complete development of the mobile app project from scratch to completion.    


The price offered to the client is for the work agreed on the quote only. First, the client will discuss their project, and then I will provide a reasonable price for the additional work, and I may require reviewing the time period for completing the project.  

Advance Payment:

An advance of 25% of the total cost of the project is needed before commencing the work. After starting the project, it will be non-refundable. 

Payment Terms:

Payment will be made within 15 days of the invoice shared with the client. Full creation and launch of the mobile app may come about only after full payment has been made by the client unless otherwise agreed. Any material initially published or launched may be removed if payment is not made. 


Mister Saad warrants to the clients that:

There are no claims, actions, proceedings, or investigations impending or susceptible against the subject matter of the Contract.

The Client will have all consents, approvals, licenses, authorizations, and permits needed by all related rules and regulations to start with a Contract with Mister Saad. 


If the client breaches any rules and regulations defined by us above, Mister Saad will terminate the contract by holding any money paid by the client before termination. I will send an invoice to the client for additional fees and expenses incurred during the project.