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It’s me Muhammad Saad, based in Dubai for the last 20 years. I’m working as a Mobile App Developer and providing my services to clients and digital agencies. If you have an idea to develop a new application, let’s meet up for a cup of coffee to discuss the project.

Mister Saad - Dubai Based App Developer Mister Saad

Mobile Application Development Dubai.

I have worked with Etihad Towers, Hamdan Sports Complex, YAHOO, Jumeirah, Fujairah Government, E-Commerce Marketplaces, and some other prestigious brands in the Middle East.

  • UAE Local Experience – I have preferably worked with UAE local private companies and govt. organizations and provided them with remarkable corporate solutions through inventive mobile apps.
  • Registered Developer License from DED – Being a local freelance app developer in Dubai, I have a trade license from DED, which makes me a trustworthy option for all those who want to build mobile apps.
  • Honest Advice & Suggestions – I provide you with honest advice and suggestions to grow your business. Share your app idea with me, I will turn it into an innovative mobile app.
iOS Application

Get full iOS app development services to create intuitive Apple apps.

Android Application

Develop Android apps for enterprises using the latest technologies.

Users Dashboard

Get access to the user’s dashboard to update the content on your app.

Location Tracking

Integrate a location tracking feature perfectly into different apps.

UAE Statistics Insights 2021

Let’s have a look at some latest insights that will highlight the increasing demand for mobile apps in UAE.

  • UAE Population: 9.95 Million
  • Mobile App Users: 9.12 Million
  • Total Android Users: 70%
  • Total iOS Users: 30%
  • Expat Population: 8.95 Million
  • UAE Population: 1 Million
  • Mobile Usage: 18.38 Million
  • Active Social Users: 9.73 Million
  • Registered Companies: 80%
  • UAE App Freelancers: 20%
UAE Statistics Insights 2021 about mobile usage and social media

Trending Applications in Dubai

Following are some popular types of mobile apps that people love to use every day. I can assist you in building any type of apps.

E-Commerce Applications

Selling Products Online with the connection of an online payment gateway.

Marketplace Applications

Connecting buyers and sellers within the app to create a bridge. Best way to compare and hire instantly.

Tracking Systems Applications

Most transportations companies create such apps to track drivers and vehicles with real-time data.

Image placeholder

Food & Services Delivery Applications

It's really trending where startups are launching new apps to deliver the services or products.

Work from Home, Hire & Offer Talent

Easy to work from home by offering your services and clients can hire you for the Job. Easy way to start earning.

Market Research Applications

Capturing users' interest and building a strong customer database is another trend in Dubai.

The Most Use App Platforms in UAE

Most of the people living in the UAE use smartphones. It's very popular for people to use applications to order food and other services in UAE.

Apple Store

iPhones & iPad

Google Play

Samsung & Huawei

Apps Portfolio

Some of my applications which I have developed in Dubai. I'm so blessed to work for such companies. I love my work, and I love what I do!

Dubai Tourism | iOS Application | Backend Application

Dubai Tourism - Splash Screen
Dubai Tourism - How it works process
Dubai Tourism - Categories Screen
Dubai Tourism - Wireframes

Hamdan Sports Complex | Mobile Application | Web Dashboard Application

Hamdan Sports Complex - App Preview
Hamdan Sports Complex - Tablet Version
Hamdan Sports Complex - Online Booking
Hamdan Sports Complex - Desktop Version

Riad Al Saliheen | Mobile App | Website

Riad Al Saliheen - App Preview

YALLA PARKING - Share & Earn Your Parking Space!

Yalla Parking - App Preview

Whatsapp without Number - Full Privacy!

Whatsapp Without Number- App Preview


Nur Ul Ilm Dubai- App Preview

REVIEWS SQUARE - Share & Help Community!

Review Square - App Preview

COFFEE FINDER - Now you can order coffee!

Coffee Finder - App Preview

Mobile Application Process

As a Mobile App Developer in Dubai, my process is very Dubai-based standard which is meeting with a client in a coffee shop to discuss the project requirement. After that, once we have mutual understanding and agreement, I kick off my project as per the below steps. During the project, I meet with clients frequently to go through the project performance and their feedback. I personally love Cappuccino from Starbucks. So, most of our meetings inside the Starbucks :)

Planning Idea & Prototype

A prototype is interactive but not yet functional for mobile applications. It shows the Designs, User flow, and the plan of the potential mobile apps. In Dubai, it is important to approve the prototype before moving ahead with the development stage.

Developed Database, API, & Backend

In simple language, API is the bridge between the database and frontend to display the content. It is an application programming interface that helps me to connect the front end and its back end. It is a very crucial part of any application because the app speed is very much connected with the API.

Launching & Digital Marketing

You can't launch the app until you have tested the application on different devices. Now, these days, companies do launch the application in Dubai without testing, which causes them to have a high bounce rate.

Application Development Process and Stages

Tools & Technology

My tools are just like any other Mobile App Development in Dubai. Hence, the difference is that they use tools to build mobile apps, while I make use of my creative skills that truly expose the tool’s power and exceed its capabilities to their potential. My job is to make sure and utilize each & every bit of tool to their max, not only provide clients the best that is out there, but to keep growing and grooming a skill that so many people would need a mobile app developer for!

Client Testimonials

Few words from my clients after working with them. Some of them awarded me with the best app developer in dubai.

Frequently Asked Queries

I would suggest going through the below FAQs. These will help you understand how the application projects work in Dubai. If you're a startup, definitely this is for you!

FAQ about app development

Absolutely Yes! In Dubai, you must have a trade license to start your business whether it is online or offline. But, the good news is that there are several options from different authorities in UAE from where you can get your license easily and start your business online.

Do you have an idea? Great! Now, you have to look for a Professional App Developer who can understand your project and someone who has local experience in the same industry. Hire someone who's based in Dubai and understands your goals and visions. You can book a free consultation with me to discuss your project idea.

You must have a technical/marketing consultant with you who has good experience in this industry. Look for someone who's a developer and digital consultant who can guide you every step of your project. You must run a Social Media Campaign, Google PPC, YouTube Ads, and local events to advertise your application.

Technology is the backbone of the application, and it's very important to select the right technology which will be suitable for your application. You must consult with a couple of developers to understand what they are offering and why. It will help you to identify which technology is good for your application based on the features and budget. I personally always suggest clients with 2 options. Thus, it is easy for the client to pick one based on the features and budget.


An Award-winning Mobile Application Developer in UAE is available for your Native and React Native Applications.

Mister Saad is one of the leading Freelance Mobile App Developer you’ll find in Dubai. I believe in furnishing Mobile Application Designs that are trendy, functional, and easy to go and just according to what you need! No matter which sector your business or your product operates in, you can always send your requirements to this Mobile App Developer and I will make sure to carve the finest quality a Mobile Application will ever get based on your requirements. Look no further when it comes to any requirement for Mobile App Development in Dubai, as my services are open to anyone, big or small. With me, you are just one step away from any help or guidance you need for your up-coming Mobile App Development project.

Learning that a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai just isn’t right for you? Think a Freelance Mobile App Developer Dubai can do it better? Well, you guessed it right! The services you will get from me are compatible to no other. I am offering the Mobile Apps that are pocket-friendly and liquid into any form, size or dimension. I can assure you to receive 24/7 assistance with my Best App Development Services! It is the choice you would not regret making. Get the Top Mobile Application Development in Dubai from Mister Saad right now, and boost up your business and product like never before! Shoot me your requirement for a free consultancy session.

Growing demand for fast Mobile App Developers in Abu Dhabi has forced many App Developers to switch platforms to React Native. As a Freelance Mobile App Developer in Abu Dhabi, I take every software & platform into consideration to make sure my help is available for any sort of requirement; be it if someone needs a React Native Mobile App Developer in Abu Dhabi or on any other platform. I want to ensure that every entrepreneur is backed up by a trusty React Native Mobile App Developer in Abu Dhabi and maintain a bond between my future clients in the same fashion. React Native is comparatively faster to work on than any other platform. This is the right time for businesses in Abu Dhabi to grab this opportunity and hire a React Native Mobile App Developer in Abu Dhabi like me for any assistance, advice or a free consultancy session.

From startups to established businesses, I have served all when it comes to the development of ecommerce mobile apps. I know the industry standards when it comes to ecommerce mobile apps. Moreover, I have a strong grasp of the latest ecommerce trends. Keeping those in mind, I come up with App Developer Dubai strategies that win. I clearly understand how important an ecommerce mobile app is for a business. It is one of the best tools to drive more attention to your business. Therefore, I put my heart and soul into creating an app that provides you an amazing platform to market your products or services. I promise, with my eCommerce app development services, I will take your business to the top. So, leave this job to me and focus on the money-making aspects of your business.

For an app, it is very important to reflect your brand’s personality. Before creating an app for your business, I think of what your business looks like, stands for, and how do you want your customers to perceive it. Keeping all that in mind, I create a strategy that takes your business to the new heights of success in a matter of time. From branding elements to logos and user-friendly tap targets, I know everything your app needs to be noticeable in the market.

The features your app has, decide its functionality. The functionality of your app needs to be amazing and hassle-free if you want to connect with the widest range of audience. That’s what I aim to offer you with my exceptional app development skills. I keep a close eye on ever-changing market trends and understand how the latest features need to be integrated into an app to keep it up to date. However, when it comes to features, I never use one size fits all approach. That’s because I know how every business is different from the other. What works for your business, may not work for the others. Thus, I deeply study the business before creating a strategy that works exclusively for it. This way, I ensure every business is fully catered to during the app development process.

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For certain I know that all the projects that I have gone through as a Mobile app developer, it has been a blast with each one of them to work closely with the clients & achieve the best sustainable designs to bring life into these mobile app that I’ve designed in my past experience.