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How to Be Successful As An Independent App Developer?

Being an aspiring independent app developer is not as hard as you think. With the booming mobile app development market in this era, being an app developer is as profitable as working half-time employees in a company. It’s easier than ever for developers to turn their ideas into reality, thanks to expanded distribution channels and improved software resources. It’s vital to understand the app’s ease of use and have it do things that will delight users. Your goal is to create an app that you can hand to someone who has no idea what the software does but can figure it out in seconds. In this blog, you will be learning all the questions you have in your mind about how independent app developers work, how much they earn, what are their timelines, how profitable it is to pick a profession that is so unique, trending, and most important the favorite and desirable by many in this mobile app development market. The best thing about being an app developer is the large audience you have in front of you to entertain. Keep reading for your best interest.

How Independent App Developer Work?

An App Developer in Dubai, whether on Android or iOS, builds, updates, and designs mobile apps. He or she collaborates with a user experience (UX) designer to ensure that the design meets the user’s needs. They collaborate to generate app mockups. Omit launch strategy, the developer must also work with business leaders.

The successful tips of being an independent app developer in the UAE consist of:


Problem-solving and analytical thinking must know all coding positions. This requires thinking through a problem and determining a solution using code. I am able to troubleshoot and solve bugs in existing code. In a similar spirit, I am able to change an application to meet your new requirements.

Pay close attention to the details:

When it comes to coding, the finer points are crucial. Each detail has an impact on the program’s output. An application could crash or malfunction as a result of a single typo. When coding, I take your time and examine every element.


As Top independent app developer in UAE, I must collaborate with others not to mention pay special attention to my client’s needs and requirements. In a collaborative setting, you should be able to respond. More than that, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort.


How much does an independent app developer earn & what are the timelines?

Salaries have risen in proportion to the increased demand for independent app developers in Dubai. Early in their career, a mobile app developer can expect to earn a competitive income. On average, iOS developers can expect to make about $110,000 per year, with a top salary of $170,500. On the other side, Android developers can earn over $115,000 per year, with more experienced developers earning up to $162,000 per year. Keep in mind that these salaries do not include stock options or other employee benefits, so keep that in mind when you look for work.

As an independent app developer, these tasks can pay hundreds of dollars per hour and allow you to make a good living.

Mobile app developers are in great demand as mobile app technology advances and become more of a need. There’s no excuse not to get into the field because the potential compensation and job prospects are so good. It’s challenging, rewarding, and expected to expand much further.

To break into the field, you must have all the necessary abilities and knowledge to secure your first job. Degrees and diplomas in mobile development are excellent ways to get such technical abilities. Consider using this resource guide to learn more about the various types of learning methods available to you. After you’ve done your homework, pick the one that best meets your needs and get started on your path to success.

How to Learn Mobile Development:

Step 1: Choose a learning path.

Learning about mobile development can be done in a variety of ways. Some mobile app developers pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science at a college or university. Others are self-taught with no professional computer education. Then there’s the rising option of enrolling in a coding Bootcamp.

The average length of a coding Bootcamp is three to nine months. Students learn all of the abilities they’ll need to start a career in technology during the course of the program. They also develop a project portfolio that allows them to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Step 2: Choose a platform to focus on.

So, which is better: Android or iOS? As previously said, you can choose one and then switch to the other. It’s also true that neither is particularly difficult to master.

The biggest distinction between Android and iOS is the programming languages they utilize.

Step 3: Hone and refine your technical skills.

To be a successful mobile app developer, you’ll need to develop and master a few critical talents.

  • Material Design standards
  • Creating user interfaces
  • Data storage and notifications


How much do independent app developers make?

An independent app developer’s salary can range from $8,000 to $ 44,000 per month depending on the project.

How do I become an independent app developer?

  1. Decide how you want to develop.
  2. Brainstorm your ideas.
  3. Consider profit options if pursuing independent development.
  4. Learn to code.
  5. Pursue certifications.
  6. Diversify your coding skills.
  7. Create your app developer resume.
  8. Apply for app developer positions.

Can you make a living as an independent app developer?

An independent app developer income does the production of around 3 to 5 applications. It offers an average revenue of around $1,125 on the Google search engine platform and $4000 on Apple.

How much does it cost to hire a developer to build an app?

The app development cost is starting from $5,000 to $20,000 with basic functionalities and the cost can go high depending on the features you choose to include in the app.


Hiring a mobile app developer is never a difficult endeavor if you know exactly what you want from the developer, your project budget, and the talents you’ll need to bring your app idea to life. But, with thousands of millions of software firms available all over the world, finding an independent app developer who meets your objectives can be a difficult and nerve-wracking endeavor, especially for beginners. I have tried my level best to cover all the aspects of how successful you can be as an App Developer MisterSaad.

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